Because Testing Doesn't Have to be Testing.

Automated, Real Call Simulation & Testing

Perform comprehensive testing of each and every element of your Contact Centre, from your network, trunks, telephone system, ACD, IVR platform right through to your Agents.

Simulating real customer interaction, Vanquish generates and places real call traffic into your contact centre IVR enabling you to automatically perform tests to ensure your applictions and solutions are performing as expected. Real calls replicating real-life scenarios with real-time reporting.

An automated real call traffic simulation service, Vanquish eliminates problems associated with manual testing and can significantly reduce the cost of functional and regression testing.

Banish the "Fingers-Crossed" Forever

Vanquish banishes the "fingers-crossed" scenarios, replacing the pain of bugs and faults being discovered post go-live, ensuring that your customer experience is perfect from day one.

And when you want to make changes, add new features or functionality you can simply use Vanquish to perform a functional or full regression test again in no time.

Testing Real-Life Scenarios

Vanquish can be utilised whether you want to test the entire architecture, call-flows or just elements of an application design.

Perform functional testing to check how every individual element is working. Stress or load testing by reproducing real call-traffic at peak times to see how your application will perform under load. Will it stand up to stress, or crumble if not fixed?

To Tweak or Not to Tweak?

With Vanquish you can test how your application reacts to background noise, and check audio quality. Discover if, for example, your grammar files need a little tweaking, or re-tuning.

Speech recognition tests can also be performed on voice biometrics simulating a variety of scenarios, including auto enrolment and auto verification.

Hear It. See It. Live It.

Test results are recorded in real-time, available immediately, helping you get straight to work on your analysis, identifying errors as they happen. Recorded calls are available directly from the portal.

With Status, Report & Search features all test cases can be viewed giving a complete overview. Test cases and results can be stored for future auditing purposes, comparison of performance, and provides a useful tool for version control.

Cloud or On-Premise

Easy to use and set-up the Vanquish web portal enables you to create and build your own test cases. Although we're always here to help if need be.

As Vanquish is a hardware and software solution, we can provide the service to you in a number of ways.

We can install the solution on your own site, within your data centre, or we can provide Vanquish as a hosted service, in our cloud.

Vendor Agnostic

Vanquish has been designed with the intention of being vendor agnostic. Vanquish can be used to test across multiple different telephony platforms and systems.

Platform independent Vanquish can be used for testing with a wide range of IVR platforms, including our own Logicall IVR platform (of course).

With Vanquish you can hammer your solution, regardless of your platforms.