Transport, Logistics, Distribution

Shift it. Lift it. Move it. Deliver it.

Transport, Logistics & Distribution

Today's customers expect high levels of service, be kept informed of their delivery at every stage, and be notified of delays / problems in advance.
They do not want to chase you for the information.

Elevate your customers experience with intelligent, automated self-service solutions.

So, what do your customers want to do today


Bookings & Collections

Empower customers to arrange collections quickly and easily just by speaking what they need. Callers are guided through every step of the booking process with ease & speed.

Create happy customers by making things simple, and free up your Agents time.

Check Deliveries

Offer instant status updates on customer deliveries 24/7, so the customer knows exactly where their delivery is and when they will receive it.

Reduce queries into your contact centre and confusion and frustration for your customers.


Reduce calls from irate customers by making sure deliveries are received when it's convenient to them.

Make it super easy - enable customers to re-arrange the delivery themselves, using the channel of their choice.


Drivers are often stuck in traffic or held up, and have to stick to allocated delivery time slots, allow them to call and request to reschedule the deliveries.

Reduce failed delivery costs and angry customers.

Automatic Updates

Provide effortless levels of communication so drivers are kept informed of important information in advance, and also given the heads up on road works/and detours.

Increase driver efficiencies and reduce the volumes of calls into the depot.

Making & Taking Payments

Aid customers with the ability to make easy and secure payments for their collections and deliveries, whether on a regular basis or adhoc, any time of the day.

Delight your customers with the power of convenience.