Voice Self-Service

Because Your Customers Are Always On.

Logicall Self-Service

Dial one to speak to the wrong advisor. Dial two to be put on hold for twenty minutes. Speak now to go back to the start, getting hugely frustrated in the process… Sound familiar?

This is what interactive voice response (IVR) looks like for some businesses. But it’s not how we do things at Maximum.

Our speech-enabled solutions are powerful, naturalistic, and highly intelligent. At a time when businesses are under pressure to provide 24/7 customer service, IVR tech helps you exceed expectations with a range of customisable self-service applications. We’ve got everything you need to make great experiences happen, whether you’re taking payments, gathering feedback, answering queries, identifying customers, or something else entirely. And you can even tailor the level of automation and personalisation you want to provide, for a solution that’s as unique as your business.

Want to discover how our IVR can help you save time, improve efficiency, and free up staff to handle value-adding tasks at your business? Explore our applications below to see exactly what you can achieve with Maximum. Or check out the main menu for more apps.

Call Queue Management

Our callback and call queue management application provides an efficient way for contact centres to handle inbound call spikes, without increasing staff resource.

Discover how you can reduce call abandonment, AHT, increase sales, and more.

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Quick, convenient, automated and secure way to take payment for services, purchases, bills, account settlements and other payment transactions by credit and debit card.

Discover how self-service Payments keeps you PCI compliant. Part or full automation available.

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FeedBack Surveys

Build an accurate picture of customer experiences when talking to Agents, their experience of a product or service with this automated application.

Discover how to get real feedback via voice, SMS and online, to help improve your performance.

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Our versatile name dialler enables you to route callers to the person, department, location by simply saying the name. S2D is used in many different industries in various, fascinating ways.

Discover how S2D is helping other businesses, and how it can help you.

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A versatile, scheduling app for events, reservations, using the latest speech technology for the very best caller experience with natural, conversational interaction.

Discover how to increase occupancy, use wait listing, reduce no-shows and much more.

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Intelligent Routing

A sophisticated, intelligent routing engine that helps you route callers perfectly, ensuring first call resolution each and every time. This app gets to work even before answering a call.

Discover how you can route calls intelligently, every time.

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