Property Management

Always-On Service Management.

Property Management

Competition is fierce and full of challenges. You have to be ready for anything, from getting urgent calls at the middle of the night to fix a water leak, chasing payments, and arranging viewings for numerous properties.

Your job is hard enough as it is. Why make things harder? That’s where we come in - providing you with the tools needed to put your customer first and make easier connections.
So, what can we help you with today?

Emergencies & OOH

Limit the stress and frustration, enable 24/7 contact via any device, making sure resolutions happen quickly.

Staying accessible and creating positive outcomes.

Call Backs

Offering option for call backs is an easy way to reduce call queues, and increase customer service, all fuelled by intelligent IVR.

Offering the power of choice.

FCR. Always

Eliminate call queuing and internal transfers with fully-automated routing, ensuring first call resolution – keeping your customers happy.

Eliminating customer frustration.

Arrange Viewing

Enabling booking with ease, at a time that suits, day or night, with no risk of double bookings.

Harnessing the power of convenience and speed.

Real, Real-Time FeedBack

Transform your understanding of the customer, enabling you to optimise your business and boost NPS across any channel.

Remove the emotion and gain valuable insights.

Personal Service

Enhance customer service and loyalty by treating customers as individuals. Greet them by name, know everything about them before you connect – it’s all in the service.

Boosting your customer service and loyalty.