ProActive Engagement

Win New Fans with Exceptional Service.

ProActive Engagement

Exceptional customer service is the difference between winning new customers, and falling behind the competition - which means sitting back and waiting for customers to come to you is no longer enough. No more resting on your laurels. It's time to get ProActive.

Our revolutionary solution lets businesses of all shapes and sizes share everything from important updates to payment reminders, reducing inbound calls and freeing up valuable agent time. Even more pressingly, it helps you divert potential crises by communicating issues before they snowball into disaster.

When the need arises, you can reach out to every single customer in your database in a heartbeat, putting vital information at their fingertips before they've a chance to become frustrated. The importance of this cannot be understated - there's nothing that grinds customers gears more than being left in the dark.

Here's how it works - and the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Automation, Everywhere

Built on our smart technology, ProActive is automated, flexible and dynamic.

Available across all devices and channels (including voice & SMS), it can adapt to every outcome, with no agent intervention - saving you a huge amount of time, money and hassle.

Best of all, it can delight your customers in even the trickiest of circumstances. Sounds like a brand experience winner to us!

Effortless Excellence

Does the prospect of coordinating a thousand simultaneous messages send a shiver of fear down your spine?

Not to worry. ProActive is easy to set up, and you can launch large-scale automated alerts in a matter of minutes.

It works any time of day, in a totally intelligent way, meaning you have the ability to set rules as needed - like no payment reminders at two in the morning!

Any Message. Any Time.

Whatever your business, whatever your message, ProActive has your back.

Maybe you need to let customers know where their delivery is. Perhaps you want to invite them to an exclusive event. Or you could be providing a crucial update about a service outage.

No matter what, ProActive keeps everyone in the loop. And put you top of the pile for customer communications.