PCI Compliant Payments

Secure Voice & Digital Card Payments

uncomplicated, pci compliance

Our self-service application enables you to offer callers a trouble-free, secure way to make payment by credit/debit card. Fully automated our app helps you remain PCI compliant. Personal and card info can be collected from callers in the form of speech, DTMF (keypad entry) or a combination of both for added security for callers when in public places.

Processing payment transactions without any agent involvement can dramatically reduce call handling times, allowing you to service more value-added calls, boosting agent productivity.

You can choose the level of automation to suit your business and customers, with full or partial automation options available. Whichever level you choose automating payments will safeguard your customer data, perfectly.

Download our eBook to discover more features, functionality and options our Payments app has to offer, including how to handle problem accounts, and our Payment Gateway integration service.