Secure Card Payments

Convenient Always-On Transactions.

Logicall Payments

Logicall Payments is a fully automated, self-service card payment application enabling businesses to offer customers a quick, convenient and secure way to pay bills, settle accounts, pay for purchases, services and other transactions by credit and debit card.

Whether you wish to have your customers speak with an Agent or elect for a fully automated process, Logicall Payments can accommodate your preference. With the protection of card information now a mandatory requirement, it’s no longer acceptable for a customer to simply give a live Agent this very sensitive information.

Full MI available via a secure web portal. Available in the cloud, or on-premise. We integrate our payment solution into back-end systems, databases, CRM and payment gateways.

Secure, Protect Personal Data

With Logicall Payments all transactions made are fully automated and protected, helping you to remain PCI compliant. Information collected from callers can be in the form of speech, DTMF or a combination of both.

All transactions are confirmed to callers, giving them peace of mind that payment has been made.

For further enhanced security Voice Biometrics can be incorporated.

Increase Efficiency, Profitability

As all payment transactions are processed without any Agent intervention, operating costs can be significantly reduced and Agent error entering card details is eliminated. Automating payments reduces call handling time, increasing your opportunity to manage more calls and Agents become more productive.

You can choose to invoke the "problem transfer" feature at any time to transfer problem accounts, such as account arrears, directly to an Agent.

Rapid Return on Investment

Most of our Logicall Payments clients achieve a very quick return on their investment. Particularly those businesses that have a high number of callers making payments of small denominations (for example, 10,000 callers each paying £10.00) achieve a very rapid return on investment by freeing Agents from those calls to handle more profitable, complex or problem account calls.

Some clients have seen a return on their investment within just one month.

Don't Lose The Personal Touch

We understand that some businesses like to talk direct to their customers, for whatever reason. It may be that you don’t want to lose the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell.
Perhaps you just simply want to stay in touch and keep giving your clients the personal, human touch.

Maybe, your business just needs to serve as many customers possible, in the shortest time possible. Whichever it is, with Logicall Payments you have choices.

Part Automation

By choosing to part automate, you still retain direct customer contact. You can choose to talk to customers and transfer them to the application only at the point they need to make payment. Once a customer has entered their details, you then have opportunity to retrieve the call back, or politely end the call.

Choosing to part automate you retain customer contact whilst remaining totally PCI compliant.

Full Automation

Full Automation offers your business the opportunity to take payments 24 /7, 365 days a year. Imagine the transformation this could have on your business.

Offering a 24 hour payment line enables you to receive payment day or night—without the need for live Agents.

The reduction in your operational cost could be huge, whilst enhancing your customers experience.