Name Dialler - Speak2Dial

Virtual Receptionist

fresh, polite, consistent - 24/7

Callers simply say the name of the person, department, location they want and Speak2Dial routes them.

Speak2Dial is your own 24-hour virtual operator that’s always fresh, polite and consistent whether its 9am or 9pm, and who talks and interacts with callers just like a real person, not a robot.

Speak2Dial reduces call queuing and queue times, eliminates the need for dedicated operators or receptionists, reducing costs and improving productivity. And having quick and direct access to employees also improves efficiency.

Most customers want to talk directly to someone they already know, or get through to the right office or department, first time. More often than not, they don't know the extension or DDI. Having direct and quick access to employees improves efficiency for your business, and a best caller experience.

More than just a name dialler, Speak2Dial is used in a variety of industries, in different ways around the world. How will you use yours?

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