Meet Maxine

ProActive, Organised & Multi-Lingual

Meet Maxine. Your Virtual Sidekick

Meet Maxine. She’s intelligent, organised, proactive and multilingual. She’s not just an assistant – she’s a partner for a better way of working. And best of all? You can integrate her into your CRM today.

Today people are embracing voice assistants in their homes. So we think it’s about time you get to enjoy that same convenience in your business.

Maxine makes your working life smoother. She can check your diary, monitor outstanding tasks, and send reminders.

Going somewhere important? She’ll put the address at your fingertips. Booking an important call? She’ll find a good time, dial you in, and record the details for you.

Like all good sidekick's Maxine's proactive, and multi-lingual (72 different languages and counting).

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