Meet Maxine

You Talk. She Listens.

Maxine. Your Perfect Business Partner.

Personal assistants have come a long way. These days, you’re more likely to use something like Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. than Jeeves the faithful valet.

But what if a smart, speech-enabled virtual assistant wasn’t the stuff of science fiction? What if it was a core part of your business?

Meet Maxine. She’s intelligent, organised, proactive and multilingual. She’s not just an assistant – she’s a partner for a better way of working. And best of all? You can integrate her into your CRM today.

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What Can Maxine Do?

Let’s face it: admin is boring.

Checking emails, scheduling calls, summarising meeting minutes… that’s time you could be spending on more important, complicated, or value-adding work.

It’s no wonder people are embracing voice assistants in their homes. So we think it’s about time you get to enjoy that same convenience in your business.

Maxine Smoothes Your Day

Maxine makes your working life smoother.

She can check your diary, monitor outstanding tasks, and send reminders.

Going somewhere important? She’ll put the address at your fingertips.

Booking an important call? She’ll find a good time, dial you in, record the details and even compile notes.

Marhaba. Nǐ hǎo. Olá.

And she’s proactive, too.

Maxine sends reminders, updates your CRM database as new info arises, and keeps learning with every passing day.

She's also multi-lingual, easily breaking any language barriers, helping to expand business communications globally.

This is the future of business engagement.

How Does Maxine Work?

Maxine is a fully speech-enabled virtual assistant, powered by cutting edge voice recognition technology.

She can accurately process and respond to everything from quick requests to complex information.
(And you don’t even have to put on a special posh voice – Maxine understands accents and languages.)

You Talk. She Listens.

Our dedicated team will help you integrate Maxine seamlessly into your CRM, leaving you free to get on with your essential tasks.

Once you’re all set up, you can chat to her like a friend, and rely on her like your most trusted colleague.

You talk, she listens – and then she gets you where you need to be, any time of day.

Anything Else?

Absolutely. Maxine is great for whatever industry you work in and has a shed load of more tricks up her sleeve that she'd like to share with you. Just like all perfect partners she only divulges information to those that need to know.

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