Assurance: On-Prem

Goodbye Legacy. Hello Flexibility.

Logicall Assurance

State of the art IVR technology. Your pick of the most scalable, secure, and highly tailored solutions. And consistently delighted end customers – all at a great price point. Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a Maximum Assurance package, to us.

Whether you’re investing in on-premise or keeping your operations agile in the cloud, we use our expertise to design and build every package, following a rigorous assessment of your requirements.

But we know this world (and the tech you rely on) moves fast – so should your needs change, your package can adapt too. Say goodbye to the issue of legacy infrastructure: our cutting-edge solutions are totally flexible, and they come with proactive monitoring and real-time wallboards. And if you have any problems, our dedicated team are on hand to help.

Still weighing up between on-prem or the cloud? Dive into the details below.

Cutting Edge IVR

All Assurance packages are designed to use our Logicall IVR platform. A highly resilient call processing system supporting both Natural Language Speech Recognition, Voice Biometrics and Text-to-Speech.

It's automated self-service capabilities and features enable you to expand services and availablity, increasing efficiency and profit.

All-Inclusive Package

Every Assurance package is unique. Designed and custom-built to the specific, individual needs of each client.

Whilst the fundamental, core components remain the same, each package is created based on discussions with our clients, to ensure the optimum solution is designed.

Flexible & Scalable

A flexible, scalable solution Assurance gives you the opportunity to add and make changes to your package at any time.

So even when your Assurance package is up and running, you'll still have the opportunity to make tweaks and changes, and add to the solution - without being charged an arm and a leg!

Love a Pick & Mix?

We've a variety of self-service applications in our Logicall range for you to choose from. You can have as many or as few applications as you want. Just make your choice and we'll include it in your package.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, just ask. We'd be more than happy to discuss custom development with you.

No Scheduled End of Life

We know this isn't the normal business model, but we don't spend time planning when your new IVR platform will become obsolete. It's simply not in our interest to do so.

What we're interested in is ensuring your platform is kept up to date, routinely maintained, performing at it's best, and is secure, protected, virus-free.

Sounding a Bit Pricey?

With Logicall Assurance you can have an on-premise, fully customised, all-inclusive IVR soution for a fixed monthly fee.

No hidden charges. No additional fees. And, just like a cloud-based solution, no huge capital expense to pay out in one go.

Still sounding a bit pricey?