Intelligent Routing

The Ultimate for First Call Resolution.

Intelligent Routing

Even before answering a call, Intelligent Routing gathers information and routes callers accordingly. We also know if a caller has called before, and if so, how frequently and what the journey and resolution was. Did they get answered? Did they queue, if so was it for an excessive period of time? or did they get fed up waiting and abandon the call completely?

Available in the cloud, or on-premise. Full customisation service available. We integrate our solution with your back-end systems, databases and CRM.

Intelligent Route for FCR

We create an Intelligent Routing app just for you, based around your requirement and business logic.

Using this information, the app determines the best course of action for each and every call. By routing intelligently, your business and staff engage more efficiently and effectively with your customers.

Intelligent Routing help increase first call resolution (FCR).

Agent Availability

Using our routing tool agents can log-in, log-out, go into wrap, and do after call work, all of which is automatically captured and fed into our Routing Engine. Intelligent Routing then determines who's best suited to receive each call, depending on the current state of the agents.

The tool passes all call information to the agent at the time it delivers the call. Giving the agent a fantastic place to start the call - armed with all the information.

Adding That Personal Touch

Getting callers to the correctly skilled agent, with all the informtion at their fingertips is a great touch. Intelligent Routing lets you go bigger and better.

Connecting callers to the same agent each time is the ultimate in customer service and builds greater opportunities for quick resolution. It's the personal touch that makes callers feel valued. And at the same time, fantastic opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling in sales environments.

Customer Retention Routing

Business intelligence, the data, customers leave when they call you is extremely powerful. It gives a great insight into the likelihood of them going elsewhere or remaining a customer.

We can help you retain more customers by prioritising calls, adjusting routing, messages, and advising agents of any issues callers may have experienced previously.

Priority Callers

Intelligent Routing can identify which callers should be treated as Priority Callers, giving them an enhanced caller experience through dynamic menu choices, quicker call handling or direct agent routing.

Priority Caller routing effectively allows your nominated callers to jump the queue and be routed to the best skilled, knowledgeable staff.

Frequency Routing

How many times do your customers call? Most organisations can't honestly answer that question. But that information is vitally important.

If a customer calls 10 times, and abandons every time, shouldn't you do something about it - before it's too late?

Intelligent Routing has the answer.