Identifier - ID&V

Done in Less Than 60 Seconds.

    Automated ID&V - Protection for Customers & Businesses

    Logicall Identifier is an automated application that can help businesses to determine and authenticate a caller’s identify based on their response to a series of questions. Identifier is an effective identification and verification (ID&V) solution which provides a consistent process for easier management, better protection and security. Full MI available via a secure web portal.

    Available in the cloud, or on-premise. Full customisation service available. We integrate our Identifier solution with your back-end systems, databases and CRM.

    Dramatically Reduce Fraud

    An automated solution, Identifier can dramatically reduce the risk of fraud, thereby increasing customer confidence as callers are not giving personal, confidential information to an Agent.

    Utilising natural speech, callers interact with Identifier through a series of authentication questions.

    Secure Satisfaction

    By authenticating in this way, businesses are able to route callers to the correct department or branch based on the caller response.

    And customers experience a higher level of service by being routed correctly the first time, eliminating the frustration of being transferred to someone else.

    Enhance with Biometrics

    Voice Biometrics enables businesses to authenticate callers based on the identification of distinctive characteristics of spoken phrases.

    As with fingerprints, every individual can be identified by the unique and distinctive characteristics of their voice and speaking pattern.