Multi-Channel Surveys

Feel the Power of Your Customers Voice.

Visual, Online, Voice, SMS

Build an accurate picture of customer experiences when talking to Agents, their experience of a product or service, as well as Agent performance helping you to identify any training needs. Logicall FeedBack is fully automated, fully customisable with results instantly available for you to view via a secure web portal.

FeedBack provides real-time information and is a highly useful evaluation tool for contact centre accountability and performance. Performance can be quantifiably measured and problem areas identified, where changes need to be made to improve customer satisfaction. Full MI available via a secure web portal.

Available in the cloud, or on-premise. Full customisation service available. We integrate our solution with your back-end systems, databases and CRM.

Survey Smart

Smart surveying of customers and users immediately after an interaction or event is the best way to find out how that person feels about their experience with you - to know what they really think. Right there and then, when it's fresh in their minds.

Having access to real customer thoughts will help you create a better service, a better experience that people will want to come back time and time again for.

Engage on the Channel of Choice

Today's customer want personalised services and experiences. You can give them just that by connecting and surveying using their preferred channel/media of choice. Whether that's by voice, SMS or via a visually engaging web portal, accessable directly from their smart phone or tablet.

Fully customisable you can run multiple surveys, and access real-time MI via a secure web portal at any time.

Low Score Alerting

Feedback comes with a low score alert option. Low Score Alerting allows you to take action, immediately or otherwise, follow up on issues and ultimately resolve customer problems without them having to contact you.

Acting quickly using low score alerting could help you not only quickly resolve issues, but retain customers that would otherwise have just walked away.

SMS - Text Messaging

With SMS surveys you can reach more customers on the go, direct to their mobile device.

Surveys by SMS is quick and wide reaching, with customers finding it much more convenient than email.

Today, people respond better, quicker to SMS than to email. SMS has a significantly higher open rate than email.


Create automated surveys that call your customers after an interaction with you or an event, say after a delivery, a purchase, conversation.

We create automated voice surveys that engage with customers naturally. Automated surveys create a better customer experience, with customers feeling at ease giving perfectly honest feedback.

Online (Web)

Visual, online surveys are a fantastic way to engage and get real, honest feedback.

Researchers have found that automated surveys are highly preferred by people to live personal telephone "interviews". Online surveys can be targeted and tailored to each individual, switching based on how a person answers each question.