Contact Centre Enhancements

ScreenPop, Skillful Routing, Reporting, Wallboards.

Contact Centre Enhancements

What do we want? An easier life. When do we want it? Ideally ... yesterday!

In our busy working world, any opportunity for optimisation should be seized upon. And when it comes to delighting your customers, just 'good enough' isn't enough - you need to grab every possiblity to work as efficently as possible.

That's the beauty of our enhancements. They empower you to build a contact centre where you can intelligently route calls, play customised queue messages, and match customers to the right agent without fail.

Where 'personalisation' isn't just getting the caller's name right, it's connecting them to an agent they've dealt with before, with the relevant information appearing at that agent's fingertips. Or where every employee can access (and act on) powerful analytics, making every interaction smarter than the one before.

Mi. That's Powerful

Knowledge is power. Data is extremely powerful. If you have a Maximum package, our MI enhancements puts the info at your fingertips with powerful cradle-to-grave reporting.

You can have it all. Call volumes, patterns, peak times, talk-times. We'll give you whatever you need to fine-tune your operations. Any way you want it. Plus, our unique system connects with all major databases, turning data into insight with minimal effort.

All available via a secure, dedicated web portal.

Popping Serious Brownie Points

Say hello to Screen Pop - technology that's been around for donkeys, sadly underused in the right way.

How many precious seconds do your agents waste gathering and entering caller details?

With Screen Pop, agents are presented with the info before handling the call, previous notes, customer history or even customer priority levels. Reducing call times, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving first-call resolution.

For seriously more brownie points, check out our skilful routing app.

WallBoreds or WallBoards

Sometimes, (just sometimes?!) call stats aren't that interesting to look at. Right?

So we custom design wallboards with the users in mind. We'll talk to your people before we build them, to ensure your WallBoards are truly fit for purpose.

Designed with different access levels, views and displays to cater to who the users are, what they need to see.

Fully customisable, our WallBoards give you cross-channel, real-time data in an appealing, easy-to-read format. Made just for you. Your people. Your Management.