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Whatever you're looking to achieve, we're probably got an app to help you reach your goals.

"I have to say that the relationship with Maximum is one of only a few that I can say is truly a partnership.

I would struggle to be more positive about them. They know their stuff and they get us. "

Senior Business System Manager

Leading Global Express Delivery Company

"I’ve been meaning to send a follow up note just to say that you guys ARE AWESOME!

We’ve been using your application for years starting with Intelligent Callback. It’s easy to administer and it works."

Senior Technical Analyst<

Leading International Hotel & Lodging Company

"With IVR, we’re effectively always open and now provide a 24x7 service.

After 18 months, our scores are 15% ahead of which we are immensely proud of."

Customner Service Director

Mailroom, Document & Logistics Solutions Provider

"We've worked with Maximum since 2007, initially to implement Voice Biometrics.

I highly recommend them and would have no hesitation in working with them again in the future for any Customer Service Centre technology requirements."

Customer Service Centre Manager


We've been running our post-call survey for around 10 months.

And we're happy to say that more than 60% of callers are promoters - happy to use & continue to use self-service with around 30% being fence-sitters.

Customer Service Manager

Logistics Company - Australia

"We've been working with Maximum for over 12 years.

The service we've had, and the on-going support that we continue to receive is second to none."

Customer Service Manager

Multinational Security Services company

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