Cloud Assurance

Goodbye Legacy. Hello Flexibility.

Cloud Assurance

State of the art IVR technology. Your pick of the most scalable, secure, and highly tailored solutions. And consistently delighted end customers – all at a great point price . Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a Maximum Assurance package, to us.

Whether you’re investing in on-premise or keeping your operations agile in the cloud, we use our expertise to design and build every package, following a rigorous assessment of your requirements.

But we know this world (and the tech you rely on) moves fast – so should your needs change, your package can adapt too. Say goodbye to the issue of legacy infrastructure: our cutting-edge solutions are totally flexible, and they come with proactive monitoring and real-time wallboards. And if you have any problems, our dedicated team are on hand to help.

Still weighing up between on-prem or the cloud? Dive into the details below.

Designed For You

You don't have to fit your business needs into our solution.

We'll create a flexible, scalable solution, designed to grow with you, not one that you may some day grow into.

All-Inclusive Package

We include everything you need from the IVR hardware, self-service apps, licencing, MI, integration, support.

Everything you need to get going, keep going and growing.


To combat expected, and sometimes unexpected peaks in call volumes, we offer the option to add extra channels when you need them the most.

We call it Burstability.

More Than The Average

Every solution we create includes fantastic features and functionality as standard, tailored to each client's individual needs.

Assurance can help you busines move forward and achieve its goals, regardless of size.

How's it Different?

Cloud Assurance is a complete IVR solution. We include everything from the IVR hardware, self-service apps, wallboard with real-time call data, reporting, pro-active monitoring, and technical support.

We've even got your DR covered.

No Sharing Trunks

We don't make you share your trunks with other businesses. We know it's normal practice, but we don't buy into that. With Assurance, we guarantee your trunks for your sole use. It guarantees that you can use them whenever you and your customers needs them.