RingBack - Queue Management

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    Call Queue Management - RingBack

    Our Call & Queue Management application, RingBack allows you to offer callers an alternative to queuing for long periods by offering them the opportunity to request a call back. And for those callers who want to wait on hold, RingBack also enables you to offer queue position and estimated wait time choices.

    RingBack provides an efficient way for contact centres to handle inbound call peaks and call fluctuations, quickly and easily without increasing staff resource. Full real-time, customisable MI is available via a secure, web portal.

    Improve Contact Centre Performance

    Through effective management and scheduling, contact centres can decrease call spikes during peak hours by offering call backs during quieter periods, thereby distributing call volumes evenly throughout the day increasing Agent productivity and eliminating the need for “ramping up” staff levels.

    Giving callers information and choice enables contact centres to retain customers that may otherwise have gone elsewhere.

    Key Benefits

    Enhance caller experience and control peak times more efficiently by offering call backs at quieter, off-peak times.
    o Reduce Abandonments
    o Reduce wait times, frustrations & anger
    o Reduce average handle time
    o Balance agent workload more effectively
    o Easily control peak time call spikes
    o Better distribution of calls
    o Increase agent productivity
    o Improve customer satisfaction
    o Improve contact centre performance

    Key Features & Functionality

    RingBack gives your callers the sense of being in control. Giving customers choice is key to great customer service, improved satisfaction and retention.

    RingBack has a number of features and functions, some of which are unique to the application.

    Here's just a few of the features of RingBack. Full details can be found in our RingBack brochure.

    Scheduling - CallBack Timeslots

    RingBack’s scheduling enables you to offer callers the option of being called back as soon as an Agent is free, or when it's convenient to them, and you.

    You can limit the number of call back requests taken between certain times to ensure workload is balanced evenly and effectively. Changes can be made to the schedule and call back timeslots without any system downtime, making it easy to handle unexpected spikes.

    AutoDial Back

    With the additional AutoDial Back facility selected RingBack automatically dials the caller back when the request reaches its turn in the queue or at the designated time requested by the caller, keeping the Agent as productive as possible, for as long as possible.
    AutoDial Back eliminates Agent error by removing the need for them to manually dial the number. This feature work differently to a dialler, ensuring that an Agent is free and ready prior to autodialling.

    Hot Key

    With RingBack's Hot Key function an Agent can transfer a call back request to another Agent group if it's not one they can deal with. Ensuring the Agent returning the call has the right experience and skill level to deal with the enquiry. The caller is dealt with effectively and efficiently and their call experience is a positive one.

    Hot Key comes with a multitude of options and is easy to set up and manage through the web portal.