Advanced Call Queue Management

Reduce Call Queues, Wait Times & Abandonments

    effortless call queue management

    RingBack gives your callers the sense of being in control, by offering them the opportunity to be called back at a time convenient to them - a time which is also favourable for you. And for those who want to wait on hold, RingBack also enables you to offer queue position or estimated wait time, so they're always kept fully informed.

    Giving customers choice is key to great customer service, improved satisfaction and retention.

    RingBack has an abundance of invaluable, powerful functionality, including a Scheduling tool for call-back timeslots, AutoDial and a Hot Key function. Some features are totally unique to the application. All designed for hassle-free in-house administration, to help improve call queue management and to better balance agent workload for a happier, healthier workforce.

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