Bots & Assistants

Sensational Service is All About Choice.

    Bots & Assistants

    Midday, midnight, online or on the phone: customer services never sleeps.

    And in a world where one bad interaction could seriously damage your reputation, your business needs to offer consistently great experiences, no matter the touch point, or time of day.
    So, how can you make sure every brand interaction is a great one? Maximum's chatbots are the answer.

    Powered by AI, our highly intelligent bots can handle routine tasks (like answering FAQ's) with ease, reducing the need for customers to spend hours trawling through your website. They're open for business around the clock, so if your customers are awake, so is your customer service. And should the query require that human touch, our bots can intelligently route the customer to a live agent, along with a full transcription of the conversation for full transparency. Saving time, maximising resource - and delighting your customers with a smart, seamless experience.

    Switchable & Multi-Lingual

    Sensational service is all about choice. So catering for how people want to communicate is key. Some prefer to natter on the phone, while other would rather ping a message. That's why we offer chatbots and voice bots, ensuring you've got every base covered.

    Better still, our bots can intelligently route customers to agents that speak their language - ideal for businesses with contact centres and agents around the world. Talk about maximising your international resources!

    Web Bots

    Web bots are the ideal way to answer queries and resolve problems with no human intervention required.

    Our bots integrate seamlessly into your existing webpages, contact portals and social channels, like Facebook Messenger.

    And if you're worried about compromising on your hard-won brand personality, fear not: we use advanced speech technology that gets smarter with use, so our bots will nail your tone of voice, and create real connections, time after time.

    Voice Bots

    Built with advanced natural language processing tech, our voice bots interact just like human agents - helping you minimise costs and maximise agent productivity, without damaging the customer experience.

    They're highly naturalistic and can accurately convey your brand's personality to ensure a consistent experience.

    And it's not just about having conversations: our bots can monitor and analyse human interactions to power bettter performance in the future, too.