Enterprise ChatBots & Virtual Assistants

for 24 Hour Customer Self-Service


    Powered by AI, our highly intelligent bots can handle routine tasks (like answering FAQ's) with ease, reducing the need for customers to spend hours trawling through your website. They're open for business around the clock, so if your customers are awake, so is your customer service.

    Sensational service is all about choice. So catering for how people want to communicate is key. Some prefer to natter on the phone, while other would rather ping a message. That's why we offer chatbots and voice bots, ensuring you've got every base covered.

    Our Chatbots are the ideal way to answer queries and resolve problems with no human intervention required.

    Built with advanced natural language processing and conversational AI our voice bots interact just like human agents - helping you minimise costs and maximise agent productivity, without damaging the customer experience.

    Our Enterprise Chatbots and Voice Search Bots are built to handle the complex, as well as the repetitive tasks. We can integrate our bots with your database, backend systems and knowledge-base to provide an intelligent, fully automated solution capable of helping your customers 24 hours a day. And if you don't have a knowledge-base to store your articles, or a payment gateway to process card transaction, we can help you with that too.

    Download our eBook to find out more about our bots and how we integrate into your social channels, APIs, database and more, for a smart, seamless experience.