Voice Biometrics. Facial Recognition*

The Ultimate in Authentication


Wave goodbye to clunky security processes of the past. And say hello to simply identifying users by their voice alone.

It's a huge evolution for contact centres everywhere - and with a 99.8% accuracy rating, our voice biometrics solution is one you can rely on, no matter how many calls you're processing.

A voice is a powerful unique identifier, making biometrics the ideal way to identify a caller. That's why we've developed our voice biometric solution with the contact centre in mind, helping our customers to maximise on this opportunity and get ready for evolutions in security legislation, like Multi-Factor Authentication.

Our technology gets to work from the second a call begins, removing the need for unwieldy and frustrating security processes. As with all our solutions, we can help you inject plenty of personality - and it can work from either the caller's voice alone, or via a pre-agreed set of spoken 'passphrases', depending on your requirements.

*Facial Recognition will be available soon with all relevant IVA and self-serve solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Biometric solution is available for use in the Cloud, or on-prem.

So which will you choose, Active or Passive mode?