Voice Biometrics

Say Farewell to Fraudsters.

    Voice Biometrics

    Wave goodbye to clunky security processes of the past.
    And say hello to simply identifying users by their voice alone.

    A voice is a powerful unique identifier, making biometrics the ideal way to identify a caller. That's why we've developed voice solution with the contact centre in mind, helping our customer to maximise on this opportunity and get ready for evolutions in security legislation, like Multi-Factor Authentication.

    Our technology gets to work from the second a call begins, removing the need for unwieldy and frustrating security processes. As with all our solutions, we can help you inject plenty of personality - and it can work from either the caller's voice alone, or via a pre-agreed set of spoken 'passphrases', depending on your requirements.

    It's a huge evolution for contact centres everywhere - and with a 99.8% accuracy rating, our solution is one you can rely on, no matter how many calls you're processing.

    If You Were A SuperHero ...

    Security doesn't have to be staid and boring. It just needs to do it's job - let the good guys in, and send the bad boys on their way.

    So you can choose to have users respond to the same set of questions each time, or repeat the same phrase, like a bank who's customer quoted that their password was their voice.

    Or you can choose to make it's a little more personal and inspiring, like these ones "If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be?", "If you had Superhero Powers, what would you choose?".

    Farewell, Fraudsters

    Whether external or internal, fraud is a huge headache and serious problem in contact centres. It impacts your customers, your margins, and your reputation.

    But unlike a password or memorable information, a voice print can't be stolen. No-one has the same voice print as another person. Not a brother, sister, twin, triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet. It's been tried and tested.

    So you can rest assured that real users will be identified effortlessly. Securely. And fraudsters are stopped in their tracks.

    Freedom from Password Resets

    Voice biometrics is the key to greater productivity - and not just for minimising call times.

    It'll help your IT team shake the shackles and free themselves from regularly waste time dealing with password resets, voice verification eliminates that hassle.

    Meanwhile, your customer service levels could soar as callers enjoy a painless experience, along with total peace of mind. It's a win for everyone.

    Ready for SuperHero Security?