Banking, Finance, Insurance

Step Up to 24/7 Always-On-Demand Service.

Banking, Finance, Insurance

In today’s 24/7, on-demand service culture, customers expect all tasks they do, whether for work or personal to be, simple, quick and convenient.

Here at Maximum we provide you with solutions to enable your customers to perform all tasks such as paying bills, transferring money, and getting quotes for car insurance when they want, on their preferred device and securely.

So, what do your customers need to do today?

Check Balances & Make Transactions

Offering instant access and urgent transfers of your money wherever you are, and when you need to.

Saving you time & enabling you to be ready for anything.


Aiding with making payments easily & securely, and getting notifications so you are never caught short and are on top of your bills.

Free up time and reduce the stress.

Insurance Claims

Transform the process, make it easy and straightforward to register a claim, and make it painless to check a status.

Effortless for you, allowing you to achieve more.

Renewals & New Business

Presenting intelligent, calculated rates and acceptance of quotes and renewals clearly, removing confusion and frequently asked questions to your agents.

Working smarter for you, freeing Agents to handle high value, complex, sensitive calls.

No Claims?

Improving business efficiency by enabling customers to serve themselves. Providing all the vital information quickly, easily & without intervention.

Empowering customers and increasing efficiencies.

Keep Informed

Be proactive. Don’t wait for customers to contact you. Keep them updated of all important info such as payment dates & policy changes.

Increasing connections with your customers.