Self-Serve Reservations, Tickets & Bookings

Automate reservations with an IVA

boost occupancy with auto wait-lists

Our versatile, scheduling app can be used across all industries where any type of reservation, appointment or booking is made.

Scheduler helps to boost occupancy and cut-down on no shows.

An automated, self-service app, Scheduler is simple to use, interacting with your callers along the way for a smooth journey. Processed and completed without the involvement of any staff resource.

We can integrate Scheduler with your APIs, booking or ticketing systems, calendars and diaries for real-time updating as the booking is made and confirmed with the caller.

And where payment is required, for example the purchasing of concert or sporting event match tickets, our PCI compliant Payment app is the perfect partner, with payment taken at the same time. It’s quick, simple and easy to use. Saving time and money for both your business and your callers.

Check out all the full features, including our unique auto wait-lists designed to truly boost occupancy by downloading our eBook.

If you're in the Event Management business, check out our industry-specific eGuide.