Personalised, Always-On Reservations.

Logicall Scheduler - Automated Bookings

Logicall Scheduler is an automated application for tickets, bookings, reservations and appointments that utilises natural speech technology for the very best caller experience and natural interaction. Full MI available via a secure web portal.

Available in the cloud, or on-premise. Full customisation service available. We integrate our Scheduler solution with your back-end systems, databases and CRM.

In Event Management?

If you're a ticketing, event, or hospitality company or venue, we've an app for you. Ask us for our details of our Event Management app.

Packed to the rafters it's functionality is designed to get you 100% occupancy and includes our auto wait-list feature, seat selection, payment module and more.

Integration for System Updates

Processed without the involvement of any staff resource, Scheduler can be integrated to connect and work with your APIs, booking or ticketing systems, calendars and diaries. Updates are made in real-time.

It's quick, simple and easy to use. Saving time and money for both your business and your callers.

Always Open. Reduce No Shows

Scheduler allows you to provide service to customers 24/7 with the ability to make, check, cancel, request emergency appointments and bookings without incurring additional staffing costs.

No shows can be significantly reduced, increasing utilisation by enabling customers to make cancellations, day or night.