All-Inclusive Digital Self-Service

IVR & Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs)


An all-inclusive solution, Assurance brings together everything you need, and everything we do, into one neat little package.

We include everything from the IVR hardware, customised IVAs and self-service apps, licensing, analytics and MI, integration, and technical support. Everything you need to get going, and keep on going and growing.

Whether you’re investing in on-premise or keeping your operations agile in the cloud, we use our expertise to design and build every package, so it fits your exact needs. No compromises.

Because changes can happen rapidly, not only in the world of technology but around the World itself, we know your solution needs to adapt speedily too. And that's exactly what we do for every one of our clients.

So it's time to say goodbye to legacy infrastructure, inflexible, unscaleable solutions, and to the expensive and lengthy timescale for changes. Say hello to Assurance. The all-inclusive solution with no compromises.